October 2018

Monthly Car Rental Deals in Dubai

This is very rare that you need Monthly car rental; this is only possible some cases;

  1. In case of transfer
  2. Business trip
  3. Summer vacation trip etc.

If you are in situation that you need car for a month, your mind gives you 2 choices whether to buy a car or avail the services of Monthly car rental.

  1. g. if you buy a car for your long trip but after one month you must have to sell this car because you have to move now and there is no need of this car. This is not a good option for you.
  2. The best option for you to go with second option as to book Monthly car rental for your long trip.


if you book your desire rental cars for a month Rental car company  must offer your Car rental deals. In this case rental company offer most reliable cars for your trip that easily can travel for 4 week maximum. And company also offers Cheap Car Rental in Dubai for those customers. They also offer Discount rental car and many other facilities. But every company’s rules and regulations are different from each other.

cheap rent cars

cheap rent cars


Internet is a best source to find out suitable Car rental deals for your long trip.

  • You search all types of Rental car companies with prices,
  • Make a list of all these companies
  • Compare the prices of these rental companies
  • Select the most suitable company with reasonable prices for your trip.

You must select the rental car company that fulfills your need.


After select the suitable company you must visit its website:

  • Read all its rules and regulations.
  • Check out its monthly package
  • Confirm the time of return
  • Confirm all the extra charges, e.g. any damage fee, late fee etc.
  • If you have any issue you can also inform them through online means.

Monthly car rental charge you much money as compare to short term tour. But if you consider these points you can get benefits and can get Discount rental car for your trip. for long term rental can you can also visit http://futurestarrentacar.com.


In Dubai 4 types of people use Best rent a car in Dubai;

  1. Visitors/tourists
  2. Business persons
  3. People having their car
  4. People who have no car

When your airplane land at Dubai airport you find out that;

  • Different Rental car companies offer their services at airport. They offer their discount car rental services to famous places of Dubai. They also offer variety of Dubai rental cars to attract the visitors from all over the world.
  • Airline service also offer you Cheap Car Rental in Dubai along with airline ticket. But all these services depend upon your tour where you want to go.
  • Small and new comer Rental car companies also offer their services to customers for promotion of their company.

In Dubai there are number of Rental car companies that offer various number of services to visitors to gain profit these companies are as follow; Sixt Rent a Car, National Rent A Car Company LLC, Diamond lease Car Rental, National Car Rental Dubai, UAE, Future Star Rent A Car and so on. But these Rental car companies offer services according to your tour requirements.

Here are some tips to get discount rental car in Dubai if you follow these tips you can easily get discount car rental.




When you book Best rent a car in Dubai for your trip you come to know that after confirmation of your desire rental cars it is important for you to claim the insurance of that car to avoid any extra payment in case of accident. It is not much expensive process. If you not get insurance then you have to pay much amount to Rental Car Company, because as car owner you are responsible for any damage to car. It is claim by Rental Car Company as according to rules and regulations.

Many international Rental car companies offer insurance with rental cars, the main reason of this facility is to make your trip tension free. In that case if you met any road accident,company demands no money from you as according to agreement. In this situation you can enjoy your trip. With insurance policy you can escape yourself from extra payment.


Many Rental car companies offer unlimited mileage but some of them offer limited mileage. If your drive exceed from limitation then you have to pay extra amount to Rental car companies according to agreement. In Dubai mostly companies offer unlimited mileage to customers.


In Dubai rental cars companies, offer rental cars with full fuel tank. When you return your rental car to company you must fill the tank with fuel otherwise you have to pay extra amount for this.


You have to return rental cars on limited time;otherwise you have to pay extra amount for this. This amount is equal of one day rent of your car. In the case of any unexpected situation you can inform your Rental car company for delay.


In Dubai many companies demand your credit card in case of book a Car for rent in DubaiIf you have no credit card with your name you can’t be able to get best rent a car in Dubai for your trip.

publicrentacar.com is very famous Rental car company in Dubai, that offer rental car services. The main aim of this company is to offer discount rental car deals especially to visitors.


In Dubai there are many Rental car companies that offer cheap cars rental services to customers. They offer Cheap Car Rental in Dubai and that is a great opportunity for visitors. If you search online you find out many Car rental deals, you can make a list and choose most suitable deal for your trip.


You can start your research related to Dubai rental cars on internet. This is very easy and simple way as internet is accessible by everyone now days. Many Rental car companies offer their Discount rental car on internet only. Dealers also not offer every type of discount to customers.

There is two ways to book your rental cars;

  1. Directly from Rental car company
  2. Online

If you want to save your time it is best option for you to book online your desired Car for rent in Dubai, because if you go with direct mean you waste your too time in Rental car company’s office to complete all formalities for Discount car rental. In other case we can see that some Rental car companies offer only online way of booking because of facility of customers. You can save your time and money because on internet when you conduct research you compare the prices of different Rental car companies and select the Cheap Car Rental in Dubai to save money.


CHEAP CARS RENTAL Rental car companies offer many online Car rental deals. They also offer Discount rental car, these discount are in the form of;


Many Rental car companies offer the Discount rental car in the form of reduce prices, they reduce much prices to facilitate the customers.


Companies offer discount on weekly packages. If you avail Car hire for a week company offer you Discount rental car.


If you go with complete packages as with airplane ticket, hotel booking and rental cars package you must get discount on whole package.

What type of discount you avail is completely depending upon your situation?You must keep in mind that must avail Rental car services according to your situation. Never go with other services that demand much money.

You can get Cheap Car Rental in Dubai on internet. It is the quickest mean as internet is use by everyone. If you have any issue you can contact with Rental Car Company. Never book your rental car in hurry, research first then go for suitable transport. By using this way you can save your money and time also.


Best Car Rental Deals And Tips – Dubai

Best Car Rental Deals in Dubai

If you want to visit Dubai and want to spend your holidays there then Dubai cars rental are the best option for you. To make your holidays remarkable it is beneficial for you. But if you select public transport for your trip then you never enjoy your trip. Car Rental Deals is the best choice for you because public transport is not regular in Dubai they have many stops and take too much time to reach any destination. If you choose taxi for your trip you must keep in mind that taxi driver demand too much money from foreigners. When you hire Rent a car in Dubai and you know all places you want to visit then never hire Car with driver to save money.

Despite all these things there are other things that you must keep in mind before avail Car rental deals or hire Best rent a car in Dubai.

  1. Mostly visitors, business person or any other people who came Dubai for special reason they prefer Dubai rental cars because of its simple process. They ignore all the other options of transport to move from one place to another.
  2. In Dubai there are many Rental car companies who offer varieties of rental cars to its customers. These Rental car companies have their own rules and regulations.
  3. Rental car companies offer Car rental deals. To avail these deal best option is to do research on internet. Make a list of suitable deals and at the end select the deal which is most suitable for you.
  4. Before Car hire must read out all rules and regulation of Rental Car Company, discount and benefits you get from these deals.

Car Rental Deals

Car Rental DealsThese things are beneficial for you if you visit Dubai for the first time. If you are visitor and focus on these things and book Car for rent in Dubai then you in benefit. This option is much better than to travel through public transport. You select situation in which you travel alone without any driver services then must keep in mind these things,

  1. Dubai’s road structure is too complicated. If you are new then you must have exact map with you. Junction system is not as simple as in many countries. In Dubai 20 junction came after 22. For foreigners these things are too complicated. If you have map with you, you can travel easily.
  2. Spellings are also different in Dubai because of language change.
  3. Because of construction you also face difficulty because of blockage of road.

To avoid all these things you must;

  1. Buy detail map of Dubai
  2. Take help from GPRS system.
  3. Avoid drinking while driving because it is against the rules of Dubai traffic otherwise you have to pay much money
  4. Search all Car rental deals on internet to avail Cheap Car Rental in Dubai

In Dubai you find out many different places to visit. Best rent a car in Dubai is good option for you to make your trip remarkable. With Dubai rental cars you can explore this city with more detail.